Open-source reimplementation of the original King's Bounty

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OpenKB is an umbrella project for

  1. Re-learning the rich history of the game (now lost).
  2. Writing an open-source clone of the game (with ability to read the original data files).
  3. Creating free graphics for the clone.


The History page right here is planned as a root source of all data. Please update it foremost. Then, propagate your updates to: Wikipedia King's Bounty page Mobygames King's Bounty page


A playable, yet very incomplete version is available in the git repository.

Refer to CompileGuides for your OS/environment to get hints on compiling.

Roadmap describes current status and TODOs in some detail.

Gameplay is used as a design document. Formats page documents original game's file formats.

Free Content

Resources a guide to all in-game assets. We use CC-BY-SA license. For contributing, please use one of the following methods:

Method A

Upload your art to OpenGameArt and post a link to this wiki.

Method B

Fork the git repository, commit your art, and send a merge request. Believe it or not, sourceforge does support this feature, use the "fork" button.

Method C

Create a new ticket, and attach your art to it.